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Which is the Best Tibetian Singing Bowl? – Singing Bowl Reviews 2021

Chances are high that you believe in the wellness of body and mind if you are reading this. In that case, you must have heard something about the singing ...

Which is the Best Salt Lamp? Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Reviews 2021

In today’s post, we are presenting you with our personal picks and reviews of best Himalayan salt lamps to choose in 2017. But why salp lamps? We are also ...

Best Meditation Shawl Buying Guide and Reviews

Meditation is supposed to be fun and help you be calm as you concentrate and be out of this world for a moment. To add to this great feeling, we normally ...

Best Meditation Pillow Buying Guide and Reviews

Meditation is a good practice that you can engage with. It can provide you with a large number of physical, emotional, and psychological health benefits. ...

Best Meditation Chair – Buying Guide & Reviews

Meditation has the ability to deliver a large number of health benefits to people. However, you need to make sure that you are engaging with ...

Best Inspirational Jewelry – Our Recommendations

In this article, we are presenting you a well-researched collection and reviews of best inspirational jewelry that you can use during meditation, ...

What are the Best Meditation Chimes? – Meditation Wind Chime Reviews

Meditation chimes are widely used by people from all over the world for healing and relaxing purposes since they produce ...

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband Review –  Should You Buy It?

These days, more and more products are emerging in the market aimed at helping people meditate better. While most meditation products have nothing ...

Review of Chakra7 – Chakra Healing Home Training System By Carol Tuttle

The wоrd Chаkrа соmеѕ from аn ancient Indian lаnguаgе knоwn as Sanskrit, сhаkrа mеаnѕ vоrtеx, spinning wheel or circle. Chаkrаѕ are thе mаjоr ...

Creating the Perfect Meditation Room to Call Your Own

A meditation room is a room, or a secluded corner in your house, which allows you to think, breathe, meditate, and relax freely, without having to worry ...

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