Which is the Best Salt Lamp? Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Reviews 2021


In today’s post, we are presenting you with our personal picks and reviews of best Himalayan salt lamps to choose in 2017. But why salp lamps? We are also going to explore them about their background, the facts and followed by our recommendations and reviews of 3 top salt rock lamps for you to examine and consider in case if you are searching for the best ones.


The place where one is meditating needs to be tidy, bacteria free and offer space for relaxation. There can be several ways one can make the place almost perfect for meditation, including meditation music. One of such inexpensive and excellent method is to incorporate Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps. They look beautiful, elegant and infuse the right energy, sets the atmosphere just right for meditational activities.

These lamps are available in natural style and come with the curved shapes. When these lamps are heated up with the tea light candles, they release the negative ions into the air which creates an effect of ionizer by purifying the surrounding air.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews – Our Top Picks

Fortunately, there are hundreds of options when you want to bring a good Himalayan salt lamp into your meditation room. To help your searching process, we have gone through hundreds of such Himalayan crystals and picked out 3 of the best Himalayan salt lamps.

Here are our mini-reviews of them.


WBM Himalayan Glow Natural Style Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp

The WBM Himalayan Glow Natural Style lamp is unique in size and colors. You might also expect irregular lines, shapes, and proportions. These are made from natural Himalayan salt crystals and are hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Once lit, the candleholder will emit a calming Amber color and a warm glow that is pleasant, offering a good aroma.

The product comes with a pack of 2 candle holders.

Note: These crystals are not for cooking purpose but once they are touched, wash your hands thoroughly before cooking so that the food does not taste saltier.

Product Information

The lamps are heavy and come in varying sizes. You will find them in shades of orange or pink color. The candles need to be bought separately. The candle holder is nicely designed to hold the tealight candle. When the candles are lit, the candle holder starts giving a pleasant glow.


Heming Weigh Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Rock Lamp

This handcrafted natural Himalayan salt crystal lamp gives a soft, lovely amber color, creating a relaxing and encouraging effect when lit. It purifies the atmosphere, to make the air fresher and healthier.

Natural salt crystal is found in ancient evaporated sea beds underneath great mountain masses, such as the Himalayas, where it has been compressed over time to form solid salt rock, with all the minerals structurally intact

Crystal salt lamps emit negative ions into their surroundings. The ionization helps to combat many of the harsh elements that assail our bodies, causing us to feel unwell. Placement of our salt lamp in an area that one uses frequently can help balance the body system, boost our immunity and regain the depleted energy. Negative ions purify the air, reducing the effects of dust, bacteria, pet dander, odor, allergies, asthma, sinus, fatigue and even colds. Also, helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

Product Information

Comes in a unique size and color. You need to buy the tealight candle separately. The pleasant glow when the candles are lit is a beautiful thing to watch which reduces the stress and strain.


Crystal Allies Gallery: Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

This set of the Himalayan salt candle holder comes with a set of 1 salt lamp, 6ft UL-listed cord, dimmable rotary switch and authentic crystal allies certified stone info card. With the help of this switch, you can increase or decrease the glow of the salt lamp. It would be a nice idea to have the lamp being used as a bed lamp as you can enhance and decrease the brightness of the lamp. The lamp is a size of 6” to 8”.

When these are heated up, they release the negative ions into the air which purifies the air. This bacteria free purified air helps the person who is meditating. It’s not only for meditation, but the benefit is for anyone who is working around for enjoying a purified air. This perfumed air brings down the stress levels in the body thus keeps the inner energy rejuvenated. The orange glow warms the room and brings such a relaxing feeling while it’s helping to purify the air.

Product Information

As the product comes with 3 pieces, it is quite heavy. 2 candle holders are carved beautifully, and the lamp has the gorgeous glow when switched on. It is going to be a decorative item in your living room.

  • Bacteria-free air with a pleasant glow of light
  • The pleasant light not only keeps you peaceful also helps you concentrate while meditating
  • It could be used as the decorative lamp
  • It helps in removing the odor and allergies as well
  • Affordable price

Caution: Lamp will absorb the moisture in the air and eventually sweat it out. Hence need to be placed carefully.

Which is the Best Salt Lamp Then?

We have picked and our top 3 recommendations for Himalayan salt lamps. Again, it’s totally up to you to pick up the one you like. Hope you liked this post and reviews of the best Himalayan salt rock lamps for deepening your efforts with meditating effectively.

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