Creating the Perfect Meditation Room to Call Your Own


A meditation room is a room, or a secluded corner in your house, which allows you to think, breathe, meditate, and relax freely, without having to worry about any interference from anyone. You need not be a yoga practitioner to have a meditation room you call your own. Anybody can benefit from having one.

Picking The Right Spot

While picking a spot to turn it into your meditation room, you must pick one that is quiet and that does not get much foot traffic. A secluded spot where noise cannot bother you will serve you the best. Also, do not worry if your place is not very big. You need not have a grand house to find a spot which is peaceful. It is very much possible to find a relaxing spot even in a small house. In case you find it nearly impossible to locate a spot which does not get much foot traffic, you can always make use of partition to keep intruders away.

Furnishing Your Room

Even though you do not want to put too much effort into furnishing your meditation room, there are small adjustments you can make to make its ambience more effective.

For instance, you can place a chair that feels comfortable enough to allow you to curl the legs in it. If your space is too small to accommodate a chair, you can make use of a cushion, instead.

Other than that, you may want to fit a CD player somewhere in your room. A CD player will allow you to concentrate on your meditation sessions better by playing soft and relaxing music. You will also be able to use the player to play natural sounds, such as chirping of birds and striking of ocean waves.

Further, you may want to emphasize on the lighting of your room a bit, as bad lighting will only ruin your mood, making your meditation sessions less fruitful. While fitting your lights, stay far away from anything harsh, like fluorescent bulbs. Instead, choose lights that enrich your room with a subtle and soft glow.

When it comes to decorating your walls, you may use neutral colors to paint them. Additionally, you may want to fit a small shelf where you can place a few scented candles. Putting a vase of beautiful flowers on your shelf is a good idea, too.

Maintaining Your Room

Once your meditation room is fully set, you will not have to do much to maintain it. Your primary job will be to keep it free from any clutter, as the presence of clutter will only distract your mind.

Creating the perfect room to meditate is not hard. All you need to create one is a bit of willingness and a bit of creativity.

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