Meditation: Its Physical and Psychological Benefits


Most people are gradually getting tired of the ways of the modern world, as modern ways are forcing them to face a lot of anxiety and stress. And so, they are now gravitating toward all the things that are ancient, including meditation.


Meditation, which involves calming the mind with the help of practices like deep breathing and mindfulness, can prove to be greatly effective in rendering a state of mental relaxation. Meditation can not only help a person clear his mind, but also assist him to get rid of certain ailments and diseases.

In this article, we primarily focus on the physical and psychological benefits that meditation provides.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Almost half of the people who meditate do so because meditation can help them physically in a number of different ways. One physical benefit that is ensured by meditation is deep rest of the heart. Meditation helps the heart relax by decreasing metabolic and heart rate. Meditation, other than that, can decrease the level of cortisol present in the body, as well.

Cortisol is a chemical which is responsible for stress, and decrease in its level means decrease in the level of stress. Reduction of free radicals, lowering of high blood pressure, enhancement of skin resistance, drop of cholesterol level, and improvement of lung air flow are some other physical benefits provided by meditation.

Psychological Benefits of Meditation

Apart from helping a person’s physical state, meditation can positively impact his psychological state, too. Psychologically, meditation can help a person by increasing coherence among brain waves, decreasing irritability, lowering anxiety level, regulating mood, improving memory, eliminating depression, and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Additionally, the practice can help a person self-actualize better, feel youthful and rejuvenated, and embrace a positive outlook about things. In other words, meditation can help a person become one with his true self by distancing himself from all the external noise of the world.

Meditation is not just a practice; it is a way of life. Meditation, when welcomed and embraced with sincerity, can help anyone live a better life. However, it is worth mentioning that it takes time for the real benefits of meditation to show. Anybody who wants to improve his life with the help of meditation must engage in the practice for several months before judging its benefits. Also, it is important to consult a physician prior to making meditation a vital part of life.

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