Say Yes to Meditation and Goodbye to Stress


Does it feel like your life is nothing but a pile of stress? If yes, maybe it is time that you start meditating. Believe it or not, meditation can greatly enhance your life by making it free from the grip of stress.

Where Does Stress Come From?

Do you think that stress is an inseparable part of modern life? Well, to some extent that is true, but not entirely. More often than not, it is not a situation that causes us to become stressed out but our own thoughts.

Maybe your car broke down in the middle of the night, leading you to feel stress? But, did the event that your car broke down truly cause your stress? Not really! Your stress was caused by your own negative thoughts concerning the situation. Thoughts that went something like ‘God, why me?’, ‘What am I going to do now!’, ‘I have such a bad luck’ and so on!

How Can Meditation Help You?

Meditation can help you reduce your stress by enabling you to be aware of your thoughts and, to a certain extent, control or regulate them. Just like a lotus that blooms in a pond filled with mud, meditation can help you bloom in a life filled with problems.

How To Do Meditation?

There are many different forms of meditation. At its simplest, the practice involves just being mindful of your thoughts; in other words, to take notice of your thoughts consciously.

Another simple form of meditation involves closing your eyes, breathing deeply, and concentrating on nothing but the sensation of your breathing. There are many other forms of meditation, too; some simple, others complex.

While just starting out, you may want to start with short and simple practice sessions. Gradually, you can elevate the length and complexity of your meditation sessions.

Where To Find The Time?

Surveys suggest that most people who do not exercise have the same excuse: they do not have time for exercise! But, we all know how lame that excuse is, given that even the busiest of people, like presidents, celebrities, and athletes, exercise. With meditation, the situation is quite the same.
Do not give yourself the excuse that you do not have enough time to meditate.

Truth is, you can meditate while you walk by counting your steps and watching your breathing. You can even meditate when you are standing in the line at your favorite coffee shop by being mindful of your thoughts.

These days, even scientists agree that meditation can help people live better lives. That is only because meditation really works.

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