The Six Guided Meditation Steps That Reduce Stress


In the present state of affairs, it has become almost impossible to keep stress away from our lives. Modern life and stress, it seems, cannot be separated from each other.

Stress can be both positive and negative. When positive, stress can lead us to excel in our work and become motivated. And when negative, it can hamper us mentally and make us sick in countless ways.

Despite what many people think, stress does not really need to be eliminated completely in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Instead, we just need to take steps to keep it in control.Guided meditation is a good method of controlling stress, involving six quite simple steps:

Step 1: Breathing

The first step of mastering the art of guided meditation involves learning how to breathe in a way that feels still and light. Deep and calm breathing can be used during times when stress hits us, to force it to vanish into nothingness.

Step 2: Balance

The second, and very vital, step associated with guided meditation is conscious balancing of posture. Posture balancing demands that we keep our head up and our back straight! Stress almost always causes us to slouch, and so, by balancing our posture, it is possible to reduce its intensity.

Step 3: Clearance

An effort to clear the mind is the third step of the process. What we do, in this step, is we replace our anxious thoughts with something relaxing. For instance, we can replace thoughts involving a bad coworker with thoughts about relaxing ocean waves striking our body.

Step 4: Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement is crucial for eliminating stress using guided meditation. If we do not accept the existence of stress and try to run from it, we will not be able to deal with the root cause. Acknowledgement means accepting that stress exists, and that we have the power to control it.

Step 5: Affirmation

In the fifth step, we affirm even more that we have the full capacity to handle stress and prevent it from causing us any trouble. This step involves conscious thought control.

Step 6: Conviction

In the final step, we need to fully convince our mind that to remain peaceful is our right, and nothing internal or external can disturb that right.

Guided meditation does not involve steps that are too complex. However, despite its simplicity, it can prove to be extremely helpful when it comes to handling stress.

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